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Ancient horror. Forgotten secrets addition. Board Game.

Ancient horror. Forgotten secrets addition. Board Game.

An addition to the base box of "Ancient horror". Not an independent game! Be careful! 

The addition Ancient Horror: forgotten Secrets significantly expands the game universe of the base game: 

- The number of all contacts increases almost twice. 

- Artifacts, assets, and spells will also become noticeably larger.Each Ancient base game will get new creepy secrets. 

- "The father of all snakes, YIG, will join the ranks of the evil Old ones who want to take over the world. This lizard is aggressive and wakes up faster than its fellows. To defeat him, players must destroy the power of the serpent crown by solving new mysteries or defeat him in battle. 

- Together with YIG, the collection of monsters will be replenished with poisonous cold-blooded creatures and a new state-Poisoning. 

"Ancient Horror" - an incredibly atmospheric game, which is a logical continuation of the development of the mechanics of "Arkham Horror". Preparing for the game is not trivial and takes some time, which can be saved with our organizer in its small or large modification. 

Also in this game you need a bag for evidence and a large bag for monsters. If you haven't got one yet, be sure to pay attention to these products!
Ancient horror. Forgotten secrets addition. Board Game.
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  • Model: Древний ужас: Забытые тайны. Настольная игра. Дополнение
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