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Blood and rage. Board game.

Blood and rage. Board game.

"Blood and Fury" is a journey into the depths of centuries, into Norse mythopoetics. Breathe in the frosty air of the fjords. Listen to the distant clang of weapons. The time has come for ancient legends. It's time to become a legend yourself! 

In this game, you control powerful Viking clans that strive to live their last days brightly, valiantly and gloriously. The world is dying in the flames of Ragnarok, but the Vikings continue to do what they see as their true purpose: they RAID foreign lands, ravage villages, kill monsters and die in epic battles. After all, this is their last chance to get to Valhalla.

Blood and rage. Board game.
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  • Model: Экспансия. Век паруса. Настольная игра.
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  • Dimensions: 40.00cm x 30.00cm x 9.00cm