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Brand: Privateer Press Model: Наемник. Captain Jax Redblade. Герой. Соло.
With a reputation spanning the Thousand Worlds, Jax Redblade is among the most notorious pirates to prey upon the shipping lanes of the Hyperuranion. Bloodthirsty, cunning, and utterly lacking in moral constraint, Redblade is a fearsome captain but is an even deadlier foe. The noteworthy speed of he..
Brand: Privateer Press Model: Наемник. Voitek Sudal, Bounty Hunter. Герой. Соло.
A highly decorated veteran of the Iron Star Alliance’s Paladin forces who left the service under a cloud of secrecy, Voitek Sudal has dedicated his life to tracking down the most dangerous criminals in the Hyperuranion. With a reputation for ruthless professionalism, Sudal operates throughout both A..
Brand: Privateer Press Model: Наемник. Baron Cassius Mooregrave. Герой. Соло.
The much-feared scion of a powerful elector family with connections throughout the Supreme Concordiat, Baron Mooregrave’s unnatural lifespan has cast a long shadow over the courts of the Iron Star Alliance for centuries. Believed to be cursed or mad or both, his obsession with the Arcane is well kno..
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