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Legion of Everblight

Brand: Privateer Press Model: LegionofEverblight.NephilimBloodseer.LightWarbeast.PIP73089
The bloodseers are a potent breed of nephilim, perfectly attuned to the dragon’s blight. The power of the dragon surrounds these creatures, who wield it with frightening ease. As they glide among the Legion’s armies, they summon the blighted essence from within their fellow spawn to bolster their br..
Brand: Privateer Press Model: LegionofEverblight.NephilimBoltThrower.LightWarbeast.PIP73072
Nephilim stand apart from other warbeasts of Everblight?s legion in their ability to wield weapons while maintaining all the advantages of beasts born of the dragon?s blood. Their draconic strength allows nephilim bolt throwers to use artillery-style ballistae as hand-held weapons. Each bolt deliver..
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