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Brand: Privateer Press Model: Mercenaries. Cognifex Cyphon. Cephalyx Warcaster. PIP 41126
Cyphon is the premier cognifex of the Thornwood cephalyx hive, devoted to the systematic dismantling of intractable minds. Risen from the chthonic tunnels beneath the forest, Cyphon floats silently through the trees, a telepathic predator seeking its quarry. Subjects forced to endure Cyphon?s art ar..
Brand: Privateer Press Model: Mercenaries.Morrowan Battle Priest.Weapon Attachment.PIP 41168
The Order of Illumination relies on an arsenal of blessed weapons and holy wards, the preservation and upkeep of which falls to Morrowan battle priests. Soldiers of the Order are glad to be joined by such priests, who support them in battle with prayers and shield them from enemy magic. Battle pries..
Brand: Privateer Press Model: Mercenaries. Vanguard. Llaelese Light Warjack. PIP 37024
Mercenaries. Vanguard. Llaelese Light Warjack...
Brand: Privateer Press Model: Mercenaries. Rocinant. Heavy Warjack. Character. Upgrade Kit. PI
Rocinante has served as the faithful companion for warcasters of the Damiano family for over a hundred years, and its gleaming armor is festooned with gilt scrollwork bearing such ancient family mottos as "Blood Shines Gold." In battle, the towering warjack hacks down foes with its massive battle bl..
Brand: Privateer Press Model: Mercenaries. Mule/Nomad/Rover. Heavy Warjack. PIP 41085
Mercenary warjacks are often drawn from discontinued chassis once produced by kingdom armies. The Mule, a former Cygnaran warjack, wields a massive battle mace and an innovative steam-powered cannon packing enough explosive punch to scatter enemies like leaves. The Nomad, once a Cygnaran mainstay, h..
Brand: Privateer Press Model: Mercenaries. Blockader. Colossal Warjack. PIP 41150
EU Customers: All Black Anchor EU orders ship from the UK in order to eliminate additional local fees EU customers have been subject to in the past. Orders ship once per month from our Liverpool location.hile colossals are costly to manufacture, Black Anchor Heavy Industries in Clocker’s Cove made a..
Brand: Privateer Press Model: Mercenaries.HammerfallSiegeCrawler.BattleEngine.PIP41119
A testament to the engineering brilliance of the Rhulfolk, the Hammerfall Siege Crawler paves the way for assaults on hard targets. Firing its thunderous siegebreaker cannons to crack open fortress walls and pulverize enemy armor, the Siege Crawler is a mobile artillery battery worthy of the reputat..
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