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Convergence of Cyriss

Brand: Privateer Press Model: Convergence of Cyriss. Battlegroup. PIP 36000
the box contains: 1 Forge Master Syntherion. Warcaster. 1 Cipher Heavy Vector. Heavy Warjack. 1 Mitigator Light Vector. Light Warjack. 1 Galvanizer Light Vector. Light warjack..
Brand: Privateer Press Model: Convergence of Cyriss. Axis, The Harmonic Enforcer. Warcaster. P
What Axis lacks in subtlety, he more than makes up for in knowledge, mathematical precision, and brute strength. His dedication to crushing any who oppose the Great Work is matched only by his devotion to Cyriss herself. Armed with his twin hammers Action and Reaction, Axis finds satisfaction in ser..
Brand: Privateer Press Model: Convergence of Cyriss. Mitigator. Light Vector. Light Warjack.
An enemy soldier who finds himself the target of a Mitigator stares death in the face. He knows that once it launches its razor bola, fitted with spikes that actuate with enough force to easily puncture armor and bone, his chances of escape are practically nil. Those who survive the impact of the ra..
Brand: Privateer Press Model: Convergence of Cyriss. Diffuser. Light Vector. Light Warjack. PI
The Diffuser is a clockwork marvel equipped with a ripspike launcher and a sophisticated arcane relay. The individual ripspikes bear tiny fins controlled by a clockwork mechanism. This allows the arcane relay to adjust the trajectory of each ripspike, maximizing the probability of every shot strikin..
Brand: Privateer Press Model: Convergence of Cyriss. Steelsoul Protector. Solo PIP 36012
The primary purpose of a steelsoul protector is to serve as a shield against any harm intended for the priests of Cyriss. The shell of the vessel is engineered to be light enough to allow its bearer to move with startling speed while also being tremendously durable. The vessel?s frame possesses the ..
Brand: Privateer Press Model: Convergence of Cyriss. Accretion Servitors. Solo. PIP 36008
Accretion servitors are indispensable on the battlefield due to their versatile suite of semi-autonomous repair procedures. They carry a small array of mechanikal tools that enable them to provide temporary fixes to clockwork vessels and vectors in the heat of battle. These quick repairs can mean th..
Brand: Privateer Press Model: Convergence of Cyriss.Eradicators.Unit PIP 36022
Frontline shock troopers, eradicators charge into the fray using protean bucklers to protect their advance. In the thick of combat their bucklers transform to release spring-loaded claws. The clockwork shock troopers employ these claws to strike down opponents with surgical precision, using the mome..
Brand: Privateer Press Model: Convergence of Cyriss. Perforators. Unit PIP 36020
Perforators fulfill the Convergence?s need for ranged firepower with protean javelin launchers powerful enough to punch through heavy armor. The souls selected for these vessels are chosen for their ability to quickly calculate ballistics trajectories based on an extraordinary insight into the effic..
Brand: Privateer Press Model: Convergence of Cyriss. Obstructors. Unit. PIP 36016
Having achieved the first step in their greater journey among the Convergence by having their souls installed in intricate clockwork vessels, obstructors know neither fatigue nor pain. In battle their shields interlock through an intricate mechanism of gears to present an unbreakable steel wall to t..
Brand: Privateer Press Model: Convergence of Cyriss. Reductors. Unit. PIP 36006
Reductors march to war accompanied by an eerie buzz that heralds death. These clockwork soldiers carry swarm projectors designed to launch thousands of pernicious clockwork devices...
Brand: Privateer Press Model: Convergence of Cyriss. Optifex. Unit. PIP 36007
Eager to advance the Great Work, flesh-and-blood priests of the Convergence take to battle alongside the clockwork soldiers of their goddess at tremendous personal risk. Each optifex in a directive carries a plethora of tools both to repair vessels and vectors and to effect rapid recalibrations in r..
Brand: Privateer Press Model: Mercenaries. Asphyxious the Sanctified. PIP 41176
This box contains 4 models...
Brand: Privateer Press Model: PIP 63013 Riot Quest. Destructotron 3000.
Tired of trying to best your rivals with wit and guile? Then say hello to Destructotron 3000, the most straightforward solution to incinerating the smug looks off your enemies’ faces that money can buy. You’ll love him 3000! Destructotron 3000 is a Gunner class Hero that specializes in melting faces..
Model: Universal Effect Tokens: Blind, Knockdown PIP 91123
Cut through the fog of war with official WARMACHINE and HORDES universal game tokens. Vibrant and visible, these tokens make tracking the souls and corpses of your models collect a snap, even in the thick of the action!..
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