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Brand: Privateer Press Model: Trollbloods. Captain Gunnbjorn. Warlock. PIP 71045
Once a member of the Cygnaran military, Captain Gunnbjorn brings a unique perspective to the armies of the kriels. His formal military training and his keen mind give him a tactical approach to battle rather than the more primitive approach of overpowering brutality favored by less experienced troll..
Brand: Privateer Press Model: TrollbloodsKriel WarriorCaberThrowerWeaponAttachment PIP 71032
Attention!This set contains additional miniatures that are designed to complement the missing number of models in your squad...
Brand: Privateer Press Model: Trollbloods. Rok. Upgrade Kit. PIP 71062
Attention!!! The content of this product is an addition to the basic set of models, thanks to which you can use it in the new quality stated in the product name...
Brand: Privateer Press Model: Trollbloods. Trollkin Runebearer. Solo. PIP 71051
Some of the most learned trollkin runescribes choose to accompany their leaders into battle. Carrying the sacred tablets of their kriel, runebearers are capable of amplifying the Dhunian gifts of trollkin warlocks. The glyphs glow as the runebearer speaks them aloud, easing their warlock?s use of th..
Brand: Privateer Press Model: Trollbloods. Trollkin Gunnery Sergeant. Solo. PIP 71125
Many worshippers of Dhunia have united under the leadership of Brigadier General Gunnbjorn to fight back the infernal invasion ravaging their lands. Gunnbjorn was sure to organize those who aided his cause into a proper military, which required a disciplined chain of command. This included training&..
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