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Retribution of Scyrah

Brand: Privateer Press Model: Retribution of Scyrah. Dawnlord Vyros. Warcaster. PIP 35001
Dawnlord Vyros views the military might of the new Retribution as a sword in his hands, one sufficient to sunder any obstacle. He has the loyalty of the Dawnguard and the volunteered assets of dozens of other houses. The dawnlord has a reputation as a bold and forthright general who leads by example..
Brand: Privateer Press Model: Retribution of Scyrah. Adeptis Rahn. Warcaster. PIP 35002
Among the most powerful arcanists born in a generation, Adeptis Rahn Shyeel is a master of force manipulation and arcane science. His movements send ripples through the air, and with but a thought he can generate storms of kinetic force capable of rending metal and bursting flesh. With a wave of his..
Brand: Privateer Press Model: Retribution of Scyrah. Lord Arcanist Ossyan. Warcaster. PIP 3504
The fundamental laws of reality twist and shatter beneath the will of Ossyan, Lord Arcanist of House Vyre. Time bends with but a gesture from him, and he can alter his perception to see the convergence of fate. Armed with perfect foresight he is a deadly combatant and battlefield general. Ossyan?s m..
Brand: Privateer Press Model: Retribution of Scyrah. Thyron, Sword of Truth. Warcaster. PIP 35
A master of House Ellowuyr?s unique swordfighting discipline, Thyron matches stillness with blurring speed. He is a tempest of sharpened steel, a paragon of Ellowuyr?s art of war. His command of his army is not unlike his technique with a blade. He stages quick bouts and feints with myrmidons and so..
Brand: Privateer Press Model: Retribution of Scyrah. Vyros, Incissar. Cavalry epic Warcaster.
The Retribution of Scyrah has no greater champion than Vyros of House Nyarr. The leader of the Dawnguard rides to war astride his powerful warhorse Solarys, his hunting hawk circling overhead. Through her eyes he sees the battlefield unobstructed, allowing Vyros to direct his army rapidly to close g..
Brand: Privateer Press Model: Retribution of Scyrah. Issyria, Sibyl of Dawn. Warcaster. PIP 35
Possessing immense arcane ability and a talent for the divinatory arts, Issyria has become one of the greatest military assets of House Nyarr. That she has done so while declining to wield a weapon is all the more remarkable. In combat, Issyria uses her powers to perceive the flow of battle, gaining..
Brand: Privateer Press Model: RetributionofScyrahFalcirTheMercilessWarcaster. PIP 35093
House Ellowuyr of Ios is known for a great many noble reasons, such as the quality of the soldiers they produce or their unique style of armor. Falcir herself is neither well known nor noble, but she is one the House’s most powerful assets. Those who know of her call her “The Merciless,” but these w..
Brand: Privateer Press Model: Retribution of Scyrah. Mage Hunter Commander. Attachment. PIP
Veteran teams led by senior commanders are well versed in advanced Retribution techniques. Slipping past the outer defenses of an enemy base, they fire bolts through intervening walls to kill without a trace. Working alongside other soldiers in the Retribution military, these teams apply similar met..
Brand: Privateer Press Model: RetributionofScyrah.SoullessEscort.WeaponAttachment.PIP35018
While Retribution handlers endeavor to train soulless as soldiers, some are destined to serve another function. Energy flows sent to destroy Retribution soldiers are siphoned into the body of the soulless. If they siphon too much it prompts complete organ failure. Heart and lungs burst from hostile ..
Brand: Privateer Press Model: Retribution of Scyrah. Eiryss, Mage Hunter Attachment. PIP 35052
After years of hunting human spellcasters and gathering intelligence on the armies of mankind as a mercenary, Eiryss has returned to her proper place as one of the foremost leaders of the Retribution. Now she takes to the field leading other mage hunters, inspiring them to feats of incredible braver..
Brand: Privateer Press Model: Retribution of Scyrah. Chimera. Light myrmidon. PIP 35055
The Chimera has an unsettling appearance as its active power field makes its form blur and fade. Once it nears the enemy, a Chimera becomes a delivery device for its warcaster?s most powerful arcane powers, channeled across its arc node. The Chimera will strike and kill with its scything arm-mounted..
Brand: Privateer Press Model: Retribution of Scyrah. Moros. Light myrmidon. Light Warjack. PIP
Commissioned for Garryth, Blade of Retribution, Moros is a quick and agile myrmidon that strikes using its dual curved blades with the deadliness of an assassin. Its unique power field renders Moros invisible to the naked eye and can be manipulated to lash out and stun potential victims. For many of..
Brand: Privateer Press Model: Retribution of Scyrah. Gorgon. Light Myrmidon. Light Warjack. PI
The Gorgon exists to dictate the flow of battle by depriving the enemy of mobility. Its integral force cannon unleashes blasts of energy capable of forestalling an enemys forward momentum. Its more powerful fields require close proximity, and the Gorgon will rush forward to seize even larger and mor..
Brand: Privateer Press Model: Retribution of Scyrah. Aspis. Light Myrmidon. Light Warjack. PIP
A marvel of Iosan force mastery, the Aspis is an unmistakable sight on the battlefield. The myrmidon is equipped to manipulate its own protective field dynamically and can catch bullets with it before they strike. A stalwart guardian of its controlling warcaster, the Aspis can smash even the largest..
Brand: Privateer Press Model: Retribution of Scyrah. Griffon. Light Myrmidon. Light Warjack. P
The Griffon is a sleek and fast myrmidon, designed for swift flanking maneuvers. Its power field enables the Griffon to become near-weightless for short intervals, allowing for long, loping strides before it strikes home with its powerful halberd. By judicious use of this field the Griffon can negot..
Brand: Privateer Press Model: Retribution of Scyrah. Arcantrik Force Generator. Battle Engine.
The arcantrik force generator is a massive engine of war that houses one of the most devastating and complex weapons in the arsenal of the Retribution of Scyrah. Its teleforce cannon, which fires concentrated bursts of kinetic energy, represents the very pinnacle of Iosan arcane science. Blasts from..
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