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Planet Eaters

Brand: Privateer Press Model: PLANET EATERS. Monster. Rogzor. PIP 51020
Those who thought they had seen the worst the Planet Eaters had to offer when they witnessed Gorghadra had yet to behold the terror brought by the one called Rogzor. This creature’s every action seems to defy known physics as it unleashes an unceasing barrage of annihilating energy from the web-like..
Brand: Privateer Press Model: PLANET EATERS. Monster. Xaxor. PIP 51071
Having absorbed solar winds throughout the comet’s long space journey, Xaxor has the energy reserves to deny the very forces of gravity itself. His beams of ionized cosmic energy pierce the hearts of his enemies while city after city burns in his wake. It is difficult for observers to gauge this cre..
Brand: Privateer Press Model: PLANET EATERS. Units. Scorchers & Exterminatrix. PIP 51073
Scorchers are highly mobile, flying assault entities that frequently accompany the greater Planet Eater monsters on their rampages. Capable of emitting blasts at extremely high temperatures, these beings can melt even advanced alloys to slag. Exterminatrix are horrifying multi-limbed creatures beari..
Brand: Privateer Press Model: Units. Chomper, Destructomite, & Explodohawk. PIP 51005
Chompers are simple but effective destroyers that function like mobile mouths, opening wide to eat entire armored vehicles and then channeling the energy of each meal to their greater masters. Destructomites are insectoid horrors that converge on their targets to obliterate them in a wash of superhe..
Brand: Privateer Press Model: PLANET EATERS. Units. Belcher & Crawler. PIP 51006
Belchers are rotund agents of destruction sent to intercept any of the fighting forces interfering with the Planet Eaters’ rampages. Capable of moving surprisingly quickly on their stubby legs, Belchers can spew out balls of flaming plasma like living artillery. Crawlers are bug-like monsters whose ..
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