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Subterran Uprising

Brand: Privateer Press Model: Subterran Uprising. Monster. Blastikutter. PIP 51091
The overlords of the Subterran Uprising are capable of melding flesh and metal in ways that only the most diabolical human engineers have ever considered before. Their mad science has peaked in the creation of Blastikutter, a creature that can literally view any challenge from multiple angles. Blast..
Brand: Privateer Press Model: Subterran Uprising. Monster. Hammerklak. PIP 51058
Leading a force of ravenous and destructive creatures from below the soil, Hammerklak is considered a leader of a group referred to, for obvious reasons, as Subterrans. Resembling moles in aspect and methodology, yet utterly brutal and with no regard for the natural world, Hammerklak has proven to b..
Brand: Privateer Press Model: SubterranUprising.Unit.MollockBrutesandMollockBerserkerPIP 51079
Among the Subterrans, the mollocks are a caste of battle-ready warriors noted for their ferocity and fearlessness. After being surgically equipped with prosthetic grinders and drills, the greater tyrants send mollocks to the surface to murder and destroy. Mollock brutes display a wider array of mach..
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