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Brand: Privateer Press Model: Triton. Monster. Krakenoctus. PIP 51057
From the ocean’s depths arises the mighty Krakenoctus, a squid-like monster of Leviathan proportions. What has awakened this ocean horror is uncertain, though it is clearly enraged by the destructive forces ravaging the Earth, drawn in particular to battle the Planet Eaters and Lords of Cthul. Accom..
Brand: Privateer Press Model: Triton. Monster. Leviathron. PIP 51090
Crashing onto the shore like a nightmare from ancient mythology, Leviathron boggles the modern mind. Primitive bony fish have long been established as part of the fossil record, and massive sharks are known to have hunted in ancient oceans, but nothing could have prepared the civilized world for thi..
Brand: Privateer Press Model: Triton. Unit. Steel Shell Crabs and Psi-Eel. PIP 51078
Following in the wake of the first great Triton beast to emerge from the ocean’s depths, these lesser creatures would still qualify as sea monsters if you found one washed up on the beach. steel shell crabs are so named because of their incredibly dense exoskeletons. In the first skirmishes between ..
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