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Elemental Champions

Brand: Privateer Press Model: Elemental Champions. Monster. Incinerus. PIP 51080
Though his body is wreathed in flame, only good intentions fill Incinerus’ blazing heart. The Elemental Champions belong to a secret society of powerful mystics who can tap into the primal energies of the earth itself. By internalizing and harnessing these flows through his body, Incinerus grows to ..
Brand: Privateer Press Model: Elemental Champions. Unit. Kami & Air Avatar. PIP 51122
The enigmatic Elemental Champions have redoubled their efforts to save the world from the ravages of the Monsterpocalypse. Elemental Champions use their mastery of the elements—air, earth, fire, and water—to protect the planet from the destruction wrought by the global war. This pack contains unit s..
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