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Savage Swarm

Brand: Privateer Press Model: Savage Swarm. Monster. Xixorax. PIP 51081
The existence of the Savage Swarm has produced rampant speculation in fields as far apart as biology and theology. Preceded by the drone of a thousand-thousand buzzing wings, Xixorax emerges from craters in the earth to erupt as a force of urban destruction. Resembling a gigantic bipedal beetle, Xix..
Brand: Privateer Press Model: Savage Swarm. Unit. Dire Ants & Spy Fly. PIP 51123
The Savage Swarm continues to scour the planet for resources to bolster their numbers. Drawn to the light of civilization, they have become the monsters that haunt the dreams of mankind. As their numbers continue to climb, new threats have emerged. Dire Ants move forward in lockstep, leaving nothing..
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